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--- These are the rules the Wowblaze Staff expect you to respect, and follow. Failure to do so will result in a warning and/or punishment. This IS a living document. More rules and regulations will be added and changed as time goes on. Check back to these rules frequently. ---

---GENERAL game stuff---

- Respect the Staff, your fellow players. (Remember, a happy staff = happy players)

-Do not use unappropriate language, remember we have young players on here too. (this includes swearing and any kind or sexual comments)

- Do not settle your disputes in the General, LookingforGroup, or any other server wide channel. (We understand you won't get along with everyone and if you absolutley must put in a few words use /whisper).The whole server doesn't to know how much of a noob so-and-so is. Also, do not use these channels for conversations or nonsense which the entire server does not have interest in.


- Do not play games with the GMs, we have enough things to do

Do not ask GMs for free stuff, and more importantly, DO NOT BEG GMs for free stuff. You may be punished instead (We are not here to give you free items, etc.)

- Do not beg other players for free stuff either.

-don't attempt to log into server on a diff account not that of your own...we know when its you an when its not me...we do

- When asking for help, use please and thank you, you actually get better help this way then you do when you say 'Yo gm tele me the hell out of here.'

- Believe it or not, GMs have lives too. Don't ask GMs for help with EVERYTHING you come into contact with.

- Typing .start WILL get you unstuck most of the time.

- Events are designed to be fun. Do not complain when you lose.

- No you are NOT cooler than everyone else if you escape from jail. DO NOT bother trying to escape(you will be put back in for even longer. Wanna leave jail again? We will help you leave the server. Permanently.)

- CAPS LOCK is NOT the cruise control to cool (If you play on this server, you are already cool, AND YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE IT)

- Do not try getting into places in which you don't belong (e.g GM Island).

- If a person is constantly annoying you, kindly ask them to stop, if they continue, leave the area, or use the IGNORE LIST. If this fails, ask a GM for help. (Trying to kill them usually doesn't solve the problem as they usually want revenge.)

- Hear of someone planning to do something stupid? Tell a GM A.S.A.P and they will solve the problem.

- If you see anti pvp or anti-pk guards, this means it is a NON-PVP area, unless it was noted otherwise please respect it and find a different area to pvp.

- PVP in Dollar General is allowed HOWEVER you cannot kill a player -9 lvls below you, do it, be caught,bejailed

-Do not whine if you get punished for breaking rules, if you you think you have been treated unjustly take it up in the courts section

- Bug exploiting is illegal. If you find a bug that can give players an advantage over the game please report it to a GM immediately. If there isn't a GM online ether post a GM Ticket or report it on the forums.

The rules are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to keep yourself informed about them. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking a rule.

Do NOT discriminate against any donators at any time, they are the ones who help us keep this server going for you all, appreciate them and understand that they did in their own way earn what they have.


-NO Random PVP in Shopping AREA! that means only duels are allowed!

- Do not complain about being killed by someone (If they break a rule, screenshot it, report them, and you win without saying anything to them.)

- If you lose a duel, do not use every possible excuse you can. Tell the person they fought well, and kindly ask for another duel (If you feel you really lost because of some cheap reason.)

- Do not complain that someone killed you with a certain ability, ask them BEFORE the fight not to use it. You can always ask for another duel.

- Be friendly.

- Do not put the loser in a fight down,

- Corpse Camping is not very honorable, don't do it , this is not allowed and you'll be jailed for it.

- Using items, spells, etc. given to you by hackers is illegal and will be punished. NO EXCUSES.

-Don't spam other server info in game OR in the forums.. we are not billboards to be advertised!

-Dont spam ads or any other crap!

- Not knowing the rules or failure to read the rules does not excuse you from any punishments that you will face if you break any of them.

- ask a GMif your not sure about anything

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