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What is WOWblaze?
wowblaze is a FREE private World of warcraft server, we offer you near blizzlike server for 0 cost

Is WoWblaze FREE?
yes ABSOLUTELY it will always be free

Who Are you guys?
Just some WOW loving people that got tired of paying $15/month

Why should i donate?
we offer a great server for no cost, running a server however cost money, maintenance+ electricity etc, to compensate players are more than welcome to donate

What do i get for donating?
Players who have donated receive rewards in exchange for their donation please keep in mind that under no circumstances are you BUYING these items, its sorta like when you donate to the red cross at a mall and you get a little flower as a thank you :)

Where does my donations go to?
All donations go toward maintain the server any left overs will be used to upgrade the server, any left over after that we will donate to a charity of the server choosing

I made an account..why cant i log in?
Make sure you made the account on the SERVER and nit the website, they are two different setups, if you made a account on the server, wait around 5min ,or join us on TS and ask for a reload

How can I be a Gm?
When the gm apps are open there will be a post on the website, follow the guide, we look for professionalism of our gms
Can I be something other than a GM?
YES! Wowblaze staff is made up of many different positions you can sign up for the DEV team, the WEB team and much much more!
Staff members are the 1st to be looked as when GM apps are open

Ventrilo is a free VOIP (voice over ip) program available to download free at we use this to better communicate with the community

How can i Join ventrilo?
look at the How To connect guide.

I cant connect to server! what to do?
read the guide carefully, if you still cant, join us on TS and we will assist you

Whats With server restarts?
server needs to restarted for:
big updates
Security updates
lag fixes
and some other works, the web will be back up in a matter of minutes

WE hope you enjoy your stay at WOWblaze!


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