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Lvl Road
SukuDate: Tuesday, 2007-09-25, 6:36 AM | Message # 1
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Can i ask you, when the lvl road is open again?

GM's all time say "Nate fixes it, when there is no ppl anymore."
If you cant fix it when there is ppl, why hell you are keeping the portal up?
And the anoying thing is that, the portal is *almost* only for hordes.. You already closed the portal of
starting place of Orcs, it was easy to get there with ally, but to the other portal, it's not very easy anymore..
Please, summon ppl's from the lvl road, close the portal, and fix it please!

Another thing, why can't i travel to any Zones with that Taxi man. There is section for them, but it just says "Back" when trying to go some zone.

And, there came some new Patch 2.2.0. Is that the reason i cant even join the server anymore? I have made the again, deleted caches, everyting..

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FinlanderDate: Tuesday, 2007-09-25, 7:06 AM | Message # 2
has a life
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Gm´s have many things to do and you shouldnt just wait untill lvl road comes back go lvl to normal zones. And at taxi man ive noticed if you try go to "horde" areas it wont teleport you if you are alliance but all alliance zones works fine on me so its only horde zones are for horde and alliance zones for alliance.

Live in Finland
MoorkopDate: Sunday, 2007-10-14, 2:56 AM | Message # 3
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i can't play wow on wowblaze yet, i dont have TBC, but i'm gonna ask it from a friend of mine,
my question: what is the lvlroad and how does it work?

c ya guyz!

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